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Hello everyone! Welcome to my very first blog post. I recently started an instagram account for my journey and I got a lot of messages about my eating, exercise regimen, and general questions about weight loss surgery in response. So, naturally, I let it go to my head. Which is better than it going to my hips I suppose. All jokes aside, I see a real need for honest and thorough advice on weight loss surgery. *tadaaahhh* Fats Not A Fad was born. This is where I will give details on what and how much I eat, what a typical week is like for me in terms of working out, general motivational posts, and I’m sure the occasional rant. Some of the things I hope to discuss is the stigma around WLS, dating before and after, meal prepping and nutritional goals, and what to truly expect from it. I hope you stay tuned because I’m sure it will be a crazy ride!

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